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Why Elements?


From traditional Chinese medicine to Feng Shui, almost every ancient culture described the nature of natural phenomena composed of several basic elements, the five elements.

These five basic elements are earth, water, fire, air and space or ether. They represent the physical and energetic qualities of the human body and of the physical world.

The ebb and flow of these five elements influence our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. When they are in harmony, we experience peace and good health. When they are out of balance, we can experience suffering and unhappiness.

The awareness and understanding of these laws of nature allows us to bring them into a state of equilibrium through our movement and daily practices.

5 elements diagram - Balance - Osteopathy - Perth - Neck pain - Back Pain - Headaces - Mig

The 5 elements of nature


They form the basic building blocks of the universe, every person, animal, plant and thing is composed of various combinations.

Each element has its own characteristics and properties:

  1. Earth — represents solidity, stability and grounding.

  2. Water — represents fluidity, adaptability and change.

  3. Fire — represents energy, passion and transformation.

  4. Air — represents movement, expansion and communication.

  5. Space or Ether — represents emptiness, consciousness, and intuition.

Earth, Water and Fire are tangible things that can be touched or seen; they exist as matter.

Space and Air are intangible yet they exist everywhere around us, even though we cannot see it.


Earth, Water and Fire are therefore easier for us to understand than Space and Air because they have more concrete forms.


All five elements are equally important and interrelated to how our body, mind and spirit will connect and shape our reality around us. 

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