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So, why Elements?


Each of the constituent parts of the human body, as found in Greek Mythology are composed of the Four Elements in varying proportions.

Here is where each of the Four Elements are claimed to be primarily found in the human body:


The digestive enzymes and secretions, and all enzymes. Yellow Bile.  

The Innate Heat of metabolism and the digestive fire.  

The heart, liver and stomach.  

All active, muscular heat generating tissues; the muscles.  

The fire of spirit and intelligence, and the sparkle in the eyes.


The lungs, chest and thorax.  

All the cavities and open spaces, which allow for movement and function. 

The blood and the vital force it carries. 

The arteries, which pulsate with air, or pneuma. 

All hollow or porous tissues and structures, which are lightened, rarefied and refined by Air: the bones, connective tissue, and membranous structures.

Points of exchange and contact: the lungs, kidneys and digestive mucosa.


All the vital fluids of the body, especially the clear fluids: phlegm, mucus, plasma, lymph and serous and interstitial fluids. 

The kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, which pass superfluous water from the body.

The mucosa of the digestive, respiratory and genito-urinary tracts. 

The lymphatic system. 

The brain and spinal cord.


All the dense, solid, deeper, more permanent parts of the body.  

Bones, joints and structural connective tissue.  

Nerves, bone marrow and nervous tissue.  

Teeth and gums.  

The hair and nails.