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The Elements Osteo

Hi, I'm Dr Dan the Osteopath and Health Consultant here at Elements Osteo

When I’m not working with patients, I love to get outside and surround myself in the natural world. Getting a daily dose of sunshine onto my body is a high priority as it has amazing benefits to my bodies ability to function at its best.


I am an keen photographer and love getting out to different locations as often as I can. Into the mountains and down to the beachside, I am sure to be found somewhere that I can get my shoes off and my body grounded.

Having variety in my everyday is a must however on the flip side to this I am very routine in my daily practices. Being consistent in daily movement, breathwork, sunshine and stillness allows me to remain focused on what matters to me the most, living.

Osteopathy and health consulting gives me an opportunity to help you and others within a community with the management and reduction of pain in both the short and long term. It allows me to give something back to the community and I am proud of the impact this has to help many people’s lives.

My Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Science

  • Master's Degree in Osteopathic Medicine

  • Certificates III & IV in Fitness & Personal Training

  • Certified Intro & Advanced Dry Needling practitioner

Osteopath - Osteopathy - Neck Pain - Back Pain - Headaches - Migranes - Pain relief - Pain

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